Workforce Management System- Tree Manager


Tree Manager is an online project management system to allocate and manage tree work with efficiency and unparalleled transparency.


It provides real time information for works providers across the EnviroFrontier staff and Tree Partners national network, as well as property owners or managers and insurers to see job status and details at every stage.


  • Cloud Migration
  • Server and Downtown Monitoring
  • Detailed Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Ongoing Onsite and Managed Services Support
  • Features Enhancement and Maintenance
  • SMS gateway Integration
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Alfa Framework


  • We quickly developed expertise in Alfa Framework to encounter any hiccups during configuration and migration in new server.
  • The cloud migration was executed as planned during weekend and user on boarding and trainings were scheduled and conducted post migration.
  • With the help of Alpha Anytime we are monitoring the server alerts and downtime and are resolving the priority issues based on the ITSM guidelines.
  • We have generated 100s of reports and filter in Tree Manager to support the tree removal workflow during the recent Hurricane and Storms in Australia.
  • SMS gateway API and MailChimp process flow was integrated in the system to automate the workflow.