what we do

We create solutions for you, so that you and your clients are empowered with information, whether it is a simple web site, a custom MIS solution, a full blown custom ERP solution, or porting of legacy apps to newer architecture. We have even done a ton of data entry for some of our clients.

Our offerings can be categorized into four areas that are interdependent:

Internet Solutions:

This includes web design and development services. With a mix of open source tools and custom content management systems, we cater to the individual need of the client. We also provide Search Engine Optimization services not just to get rankings but to get meaningful business for our clients.

Software Application Solutions:

Whether it’s customizing open source solutions, developing web based MIS applications from scratch, or desktop distributed applications, we provide solutions that cater to the specific business needs of our clients.


Using technology for strategic advantage requires proper understanding of the domain and the solution. Thus we provide consulting services for client’s business initiatives, which include needs assessment, analysis, development and maintenance etc.

Mobile Solutions:

It is no secret that the world is going mobile, and more and more people are using mobile devices to get online everyday. We can help you develop native application for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and WinMo. We can also develop HTML5 applications for your mobile devices, so that you have applications that can be easily used in the leading mobile platforms. We can accomplish this by leveraging the latest HTML5 features and frameworks like PhoneGap, Sencha and jQuery Mobile.

How we make it happen?

We work as your core development team or as an extension of your team. The teams can be managed by our Program Managers, or remotely by yours.

Most of our communication is through email and Skype, but our partners also regularly take working-vacation to Nepal, and our team members also spend time abroad working closely with them.

We use Redmine for all our Project Management and Issue Tracking needs and it integrates seamlessly with our version control system (SVN). We also extensively use Google Docs to collaborate effectively.

What’s keeping us Busy?

We are consistently developing websites, mobile applications, and systems for clients worldwide, but here are some of the things that are keeping us busy right now (and if needed we can provide contact references for them):

[Germany] HTML5 based Online Magazine

We are working closely with our partners in Germany to develop an online magazine using HTML5. This platform will help large companies and organization to update their news and views regularly. (Technology used-,php,mysql,Jquery,HTML5,Javascript)

[Germany] Survey Generator Application

Together with our German Partners, we are developing an application to create surveys that can be used by different organizations in Germany. (Technology used- php, javascript and MySql Database)

[USA & Germany] Mobile Application

We worked as the development partner to develop mobile applications in Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. We are currently developing these applications using HTML5. (Technology used- WinMo, Android, Blackberry, HTML5, Sencha, Titanium, PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile)

[Nepal, USA & Germany] WordPress, Drupal and Joomla websites

We are working with various clients to develop complete websites and web commerce portals using WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. We also use Frameworks like CodeIgnitor, Zend etc.

[Germany] Developing and maintaining websites

We are partnering with a big organization in Germany and have developed a system for them to create further other websites and implement role based access on them. We are regularly involved in maintaining and supporting these websites. (Technology used- php, javascript, AJAX, Jquery and MySql Database)