Neolinx Annual trip and Dashain Party

It was a lovely Saturday morning and we all gathered in Jawlakhel. All of us were very excited to visit River Side Spring Resort and explore it’s beauty. We were going there for our Annual outing and Dashain party.

It was 10 AM and our bus arrived. We all got into the bus and headed towards RSR, Kurintar. It took us around 4 hours to reach there. To make our journey interesting we played some games and sang songs in the bus. We reached there around 3PM and went to our respective rooms to get fresh. As all of us were very hungry, we hurriedly went for lunch. The lunch and customer service there was very impressing.

After lunch, we settled down near the swimming pool area and started talking about different features of the resort and started walking around to see it’s beauty. It is situated right among the hills and the view from there is mind blowing. After roaming around for a while we settled down and started discussing about many things that came to everyone’s mind. We also did a mimicry session, which was really fun. After that we went for swimming, we swam for nearly 2 hours. The design of the swimming pool there is one of the best in Nepal. It was a fresh water pool and we enjoyed it a lot. After that we went for dinner and after dinner we gathered again and had some singing and dancing sessions. It brought us all together and we really enjoyed it.

Next morning some of us got up early and went to play table tennis. Later when everyone was up we went for breakfast and after breakfast we went for swimming again. We had to check out before 12 noon so, at 11 AM all of us went to our rooms got changed and left the resort at 12 noon. We reached Kathmandu around 4 PM.

Overall, it was a very wonderful time there. It gave us chance to know each other better. As this time we had lots of new team members, it gave us a chance to know their skills, their experiences and also their way of living.